About Us


It all started with one hive. From this we produced a fantastic local honey and it became "Medford Gold". Since then we have become a popular beekeeping family business in the south/central NJ region. We now have multiple hives, new bees, and the flowers are blooming.

Our premium honey is just that, but our most popular product is our infused honey. Don't like honey? Try any infused variety. We use all natural extracts to create this fabulous assortment.

Our honey is always bottled in glass to preserve its flavor and purity. We have two types of glass jars: Weck jars which are German canning jars, and screw cap hex jars. Each jar has a tamper proof seal. 

Products: Honey from across the US, infused honeys, honey soaps, bee pottery, honey sticks and many more handmade honeybee products. Our featured and seasonal honey is Medford Gold with a limited supply. 

Our premium & artisanal honeys include: Alfalfa from Wyoming, Tupelo from Florida (when the flowering season is good), Buckwheat from Montana, Rainforest from Brazil, Sourwood from the Appalachian Mountains (Georgia), Purple Star Thistle from from Georgia, 

Our infused & infuse reserve honeys include: apple, black walnut, blueberry, cinnamon, coconut, cranberry, ginger, habanero,  key lime, lavender, meyer lemon, pear, pineapple, rosemary, smoked hickory, tangerine,  chocolate habanero, chocolate mint, chocolate tangerine, and pumpkin pie.